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"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7

      ACMA Handbook

      This is the official manual of the Anglican Cursillo Movement of Australia.  It consists of seven loose-leaf booklets covering all aspects of the Movement from its history to the post-Cursillo.  Available separately or as a set in an A5 ring binder.


      Team Training Workshop

      A one day interactive workshop developed by Melbourne Diocese and designed as a first day training day for Cursillo teams.  It covers the purpose of Cursillo and the three day weekend, as well as being an introduction to writing talks and to table communities.

      Apostolic Action Workshop

      A national workshop that had its beginnings in the 1990's - the decade of evangelism.  This one day program looks at how to put legs on apostolic action in the context of Cursillo.  It explores the concept of environmental groups - starting, developing and maintaining groups -  and challenges all with the proposition that I can make a difference somewhere.  Developed for Cursillistas.

      Christian Action Workshop

      A parish based adaptation ( by Gippsland Diocese) of the Apolstolic Action Workshop.  It is used in conjunction with the Apostolic Action Workshop manual and it is also suitable for non-Cursillistas.  As the workshop begins, the participants are presented with material that highlights the needs of their local community.  How to form groups and to be effective in them and to make a difference in the community, is still the dominant theme.

      Spiritual Direction Workshop

      This workshop was developed in Gippsland in response to  perceived need to explore the subject of Spiritual Direction which, although referred to in the Cursillo three days, is often not given much attention afterwards.The workshop explores the questions of what spiritual direction is, what is a spiritual director and how to find one.  It also encourages a broader look at spirituality and includes Taize-style worship, Ignatian prayer exercises, meditations and a comprehensive resource list.  Suitable for non-Cursillistas.

      Development Resources

      These resources have been developed by various dioceses to promote the Cursillo Movement and to encourage Fourth Day involvement.

      Awareness Evening Program

      This program was developed by Grafton Diocese in 2001. As the number of candidates was declining, this program was introduced to help raise the level of awareness about Cursillo in the parishes and to encourage people to act as sponsors.

      Cursillo Information Presentation

      A scripted 15 minute Power Point presentation introducing what Cursillo is about, including the Three Day Weekends and beyond. Particularly effective for use with parishes, synods, clergy gatherings, etc. Produced by Melbourne Diocese and readily adaptable for use in other places.

      Welcome Day/Follow Up Day Program

      A short scripted Power Point presentation produced by the Diocese of Newcastle.

      Apostolic Action Diary

      Developed by Newcastle Diocese as an aid for Group Reunions. Each week has a gospel reading, suggestions for Apostolic Action and prayer points.


      The following collections have been compiled to provide ready access to resources that have been developed on specific topics withing the diocese and at various Cursillo meetings, etc. They are for information purposes only and are not intended to replace the official handbook or literature.

      Secretariat and Servant Community/Leaders and Servant School Information

      This collection includes:

      a. A sample handbook for the operation of Secretariat Community/Leaders School;

      b. Flowcharts for a suggested structure of Secretariat/Servant Community;

      c. A workshop talk & group questions regarding Servant Community (Bp John Noble ACMA meeting Sept 2001)

      Parish Careperson - Coordinator - Contact Information

      This collection includes:

      a. Sample one day diocesan programs;

      b. Sample guidelines for the role;

      c. Sample job descriptions.

      ACEF Publications

      The Adult Christian Education Foundation Australia exists to support the educational and disciplining ministry of clergy and lay readers from churches within the Australian and Pacific area.

      Communication Skills for Cursillistas

      These table dynamic notes were prepared by The Rev'd G. McRobb initially for use in the preparation of Cursillo teams in the Diocese of Bendigo. They cover many aspects of communications skills, particularly those needed to be an effective table leader-participant at Cursillo Weekends.

      The Lifestyle of a Godly Leader

      A leadership seminar developed by ACEF Australia. "Like so many others, ACEF Australia feels strongly that the future effectiveness of the Christian Church depends more than anything else on the develepmont of effective quality leadership". This material is a useful follow-on from the Leaders' Workshop.


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